Become a school partner

Your school can partner with Habitat Hong Kong in various ways:

Volunteer with us

Sign up with your friends and volunteer at our local programmes.

Join our Project School Works programme

Local primary and secondary schools can apply to join our Project School Works programme. We will bring designers and volunteers to your school to paint beautiful murals and improve the learning environment for the students. For more information, please email

Start a School Club

Start an informal Habitat School Club with other students and teachers from your school, volunteer and fundraise for us. If you have any questions about starting a club, email us at We can provide logos, images, examples of the impact you can make to our projects, or any other info you may need to make your club a success.


Learn more about DBIS’ volunteer story here.


Start a Campus Chapter

Start a formal Habitat Campus Chapter with a group of students who are passionate about helping people build better lives for themselves and are ready to take the next step to lead the charge at their school to help fulfill Habitat’s mission. Each Campus Chapter is a student-led, student-initiated organisation on a secondary school or college campus that partners with the local Habitat for Humanity to fulfill the four functions of a campus chapter.

Learn more about Campus Chapters: