Young Leaders Build



Young Leaders Build

Launched in 2012, Habitat for Humanity’s Young Leaders Build is the largest youth movement in the Asia-Pacific region. The annual campaign brings together youth from across the region to support families in need of safe, affordable housing.

The campaign motivates young people to take the lead in building homes, raising awareness online through their social networks, and advocating for sustainable cities and communities.

Habitat Young Leaders Build is launched every year on December 5, which also marks International Volunteer Day, and runs until the end of April.

Over a decade of youth engagement 

Supporters mobilised

Families helped

US dollars funds raised

In Hong Kong, our Young Leaders Build 2022 campaign brought young leaders and volunteers together to learn about the double ageing phenomenon in Hong Kong, intergenerational co-living and raise funds to support vulnerable elderly people living in substandard housing.

Special Events

Intergenerational co-living virtual event

We held our first virtual human library in January 2022. We had insightful discussions about the double ageing phenomenon in Hong Kong and the concept of “Intergenerational co-living”. We were joined by four human books – Megan Parker, Ann Langer, Dr Soumeya Abed, and Tafadzwa Machipisa where they shared their own experiences.

Missed the virtual event? 

Habitat Young Leaders Build 2022 interactive map

This map is a tracker for the planned and implemented activities under the Habitat Young Leaders Build 2022 campaign of Habitat for Humanity International – Asia Pacific. Check out our map to see the activities and events that each region did. 

Thank you to our young leaders for being the heart and hands of the Habitat Young Leaders Build campaign!

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