[custom_frame_left][/custom_frame_left] The goal of the Dream Team process is two fold:
To benefit Habitat for Humanity of Winchester- Frederick County by reinforcing a group’s or organization’s commitment to our community when serving as partners in building affordable housing for families in need.

To benefit the partner group or organization by enhancing and refining the effectiveness of teamwork skills and attitudes that have direct application and benefit to the workplace.

Objectives for the day are noted below.

  1. Understand how the team is currently working: identify strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Develop more open communication and a higher level of trust among team members.
  3. Learn a common team approach for working in meetings, projects, and one to one.
  4. Practice coaching as a model for giving feedback to leaders and other team members

[pullquote style=”right” quote=”dark”]It was a nice experience for us to work together outside of normal, busy, and sometimes stressful work environment. The day was well planned for the timeframe. I would recommend the program and look forward to the opportunity to participate in it again in the future.”

Gayle Shanholtz – Clinical Manager – Behavioral Health Services – Winchester Medical Center

The program provides an opportunity to reinforce the values that matter most in the workplace:

Working to­gether to make communities, work teams, and workplaces stronger

The team challenge activities are not conditioning experiences, but are designed to involve everyone in a problem-solving role, regardless of physical ability or limitations. No one is forced to do any activity. Everyone is expected to find a role to play to support the team. Each activity requires goal setting, keeping score, time management, and evaluating effectiveness.