Volunteer Construction Information for Groups

[custom_frame_right][/custom_frame_right] Thank you for your interest in having your group volunteer at Habitat for Humanity of Winchester-Frederick County.

Having your group volunteer at Habitat is an exciting experience that allows each volunteer to make a difference in our community, while building team work within your group!

Important Information for Groups

  • Our Construction program varies each year, but we normally build between spring and fall. During the winter months we plan for the next construction season.
  • To provide your group with a quality and safe volunteer experience, we limit the number of volunteers we accept for each work day at each construction site. To view the construction schedule, or to determine how many volunteer slots are allocated and available for each build day, go to our online VolunteerHub, which resides on our Habitat web site.
  • Volunteer slots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We normally work 7-hour build days, two to three days a week. Build dates and start-end times are indicated on the VolunteerHub schedule, which is subject to change.
  • Volunteer opportunities are still available for members of your group who may not be physically prepared to build. You can put together a team of support volunteers to serve your group morning coffee, bring-in and serve lunch, make sure there’s plenty of bottled water available in a cooler, and/or bring in a healthy afternoon snack.
  • Another unique group volunteer opportunity is the Dream Team  program, which offers a fresh perspective for groups to develop team skills before applying them in helping build a home for a Habitat partner family. (Contact Joan Beverley for more information)

To Schedule Your Group for a Construction Build Day

  1. Review the build schedule on the VolunteerHub to determine which building days have a number of volunteer slots available that will accommodate the amount of people in your group who want to volunteer.
  2. Consult the volunteers of your group to narrow down the build dates that satisfy everyone in the group.
  3. Contact the Habitat Volunteer Coordinator by email or by phone at 540-662-7066 to discuss the date(s) of interest and the number of individuals who wish to volunteer. The Volunteer Coordinator will confirm your group build date and provide all the follow up communication and information needed by your group.