About Habitat for Humanity’s Tithe Program

The word “tithe” comes from the tradition in which people of certain faiths would donate ten percent of their income to their religious institution. Through Habitat’s tithe program, Habitat partners are encouraged to donate a tenth of what they raise to support house building in “Priority Countries“.  We eagerly participate in the international effort to eliminate global poverty.

Currently, HFHWFC Tithes 10% of all unrestricted donations to the Habitat for Humanity International affiliate in Cambodia.

Habitat for Humanity Projects in Cambodia

During 2014, Habitat for Humanity of Winchester-Frederick County has given over $3,500 in tithing to Habitat for Humanity international projects in Cambodia.  HFHI does more than just build houses: as the following video shows, our funds have helped individuals like Chen Phon and his neighbors in a Cambodian village reap the life-changing benefits of a Habitat for Humanity water project.


Previous Tithing Activities: Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua

[custom_frame_left][/custom_frame_left] Nicaragua is bordered by Honduras to the north, Costa Rica to the south, the Caribbean Sea to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The country is a tropical area with rich ecosystems supported by its climate and topography.

Nicaragua is home to almost 6 million people, with an estimated 2.5 million people living in and around Managua, its capital, making the city the second most populous in Central America.

Habitat for Humanity began working in Nicaragua in 1984. Under the sponsorship of the Pro-Denominational Alliance Evangelical Council, the first construction began in the community of Germán Pomares of Chinandega. Since then, families in Jinotega, Matagalpa, Estelí, León, Chinandega, Managua, Bluefields, Carazo, and Rivas have built their homes with Habitat assistance.

Our tithes have also gone to help in Belize and Sri Lanka.

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Your Donation Goes a Long Way to Help Internationally

[custom_frame_left][/custom_frame_left] To date, HFHWFC has tithed almost $140,000 to international Habitat Affiliates, helping to build more than 38 Habitat homes outside of the United States. For every Habitat home we build or rehab in Winchester and Frederick County, we are able to fund the building or rehabilitation of 1.5 homes internationally. When you make a donation, you are not only supporting your local Habitat and community, you are helping families all over the world.

Global Village Trips

Are you looking for an adventure that will expand your mind, help you into better physical shape, and touch your heart and spirit? You will learn about the country and the people in a way that you never could with ordinary travel.

[custom_frame_left]Cookson Hab Mission Trp to El Salvador[/custom_frame_left]

In July of 2013, our Volunteer Committee chairman, Lynn, attended a Global Village trip endorsed by Habitat for Humanity El Salvador to build earthquake-resistant houses.  Using  concrete blocks and structural steel reinforcement with roofs made of fiber-cement sheeting, and floors of cement brick, Lynn and her husband, helped build safe and sturdy two bedroom homes that provide adequate lighting and ventilation, as well as security.  Upon her return, she presented Michael Butler, our Executive Director, with a handmade and hand-painted work of art symbolizing the EL BARRIAL agricultural community.

In 2014, we also supported Shenandoah University’s Global Village trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, July 12 -24.  Students spent their days with shovels in hand, moving dirt, digging septic tanks, mixing concrete and laying  foundations for homes.

There is an upcoming Global Village trip to Cambodia in November 2014.  If you are interested in seeing where our tithing dollars go, this would be an excellent opportunity.  According to the Global Village website:  “This Global Village team will be volunteering in Battambang, in northwest Cambodia. Battambang town is at the heart of Cambodia’s “rice bowl,” and even though it is the country’s second biggest town, it still has a very local, non-touristy, provincial atmosphere. Much of the architecture is French colonial and traditional Cambodian.”

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